How Do SEO Settings in Blogger And Increase Your Blog Traffic

If you are a blogger and good traffic is not coming to your blog, then this article is going to be very important for you because in this post I will tell you how to do SEO setting of blogger blog.

If you have made your blog on blogger then it is very important for you to know because blog made on blogger does not get much traffic when you start working very hard, only then traffic comes to your blog if you do not SEO your blog. If you do, you can not rank your post.

That’s why I would like to tell you that you should do SEO of your blogger well, only then you can increase your blog traffic.

Friends, many bloggers have this problem that their website does not get good traffic, they also buy the domain, yet they do not get to see good traffic.

Why is there no traffic on the blog

Friends, the bloggers who are new to the field of blogging, blogging for some time and due to lack of response due to lack of traffic, they leave the block after that.

Because friends, it takes a lot of time to bring traffic to the block and if you have not done SEO of your blog, then it takes a lot of time, and then a little traffic comes to your block somewhere, if you have to do all your work. If you want to rank a block post in Google, then you have to do SEO of your block.

Friends, read this post carefully and understand each and every point of this blog post very well, then you will be able to SEO your blog well, after that the traffic of your blog will increase.

Friends, if you want to earn money from your blog, then you will have to take Google Adsense approval of your block, for that you have to write your blog post well and do not copy paste content of anyone, friends, some people say that on your blog. At least 10000 views should also come every day, only then your blog will get the approval of Google Adsense, but friends, there is nothing like this, even if you have 100 or 1000 views on your blog every day, you will still get the approval of Google Adsense. But you will not be able to earn anything good from it.

So let’s start the SEO of our blogger blog, let us tell you one point below.

1. Add Title

So first of all you have to login to your blog with your gmail id, after that you have to go to the setting and see the basic option, the title will appear below it, after that you have to click on the title, there you will have a sin open in that you will have your title. If you want to keep anything that is related to the content of your blog or related to the brand name of your blog, then you can keep it.

2. Write Description

After this you have to go down and open the description, friends, tell about the topic on which you want to blog, that we will put such information on your blog and also use some keywords that you can use in your blog post, I would use.

Because this Google reads on which topic your block has been made, on which niche you have created your block, so prepare your description well, optimize the category well.

3. Blog Language

After coming down, you have to select your language, on which topic you want to write your blog or select the language on which you want to write an article. Language plays a very important role on your blog, so choose your language.

4. Create Google Analytics Id

Friends, Google Analytics Id is also very important in Blogger SEO setting, so to create your Google Analytics Id, you can search on Google Google Analytics and there you have to go and create your account with the Gmail Id you have created. Create your Google Analytics Id with the same Gmail ID that you have created the blog and add the property of your block.

5. Do over Http to Https

Friends, your blog comes on Http, after that you have to do your blog on Https after going to the setting. Friends, Https means that you turn on security on your website on your blog, so that your website or your blog But no one can do spamming, so keep in mind its importance.

6. Post Shown On Main Page

Friends, after going to the post, you have to optimize your post, how many posts do you want to show on your home page, so I would like to tell you that you should at least show the post on your home page like if you want to show the post on your home page. show.

So the loading speed of your website will be fine and it will also help a lot in Blogger SEO, when your website will not take so much time to open, then your users will tell your website good.

7. Formatting Time Zone

Friends, in Time Zone, according to the area of the country you belong to, you have to put your time zone here. Time zone is not already added to any blog, so you have to optimize it. That’s why add your time zone according to your country.

8. Meta Tags

Friends, after coming to Meta Tags, you have to turn on Enable Search Engine Description here and put all the categories of the topic on which you want to write a post in Search, like if you want to write a post about Movie Review then all Select Actor’s name like Ranveer Singh Movies, Govinda Movie, Movie related and Category here.

9. Crawler And Indexing

There is a very important point in Blogger SEO, Crawler & Index help in finding your website, help Google friends, when Google has to search a site or any information, Google sends its robot.

That I want this information, I want information related to such keywords, then Robot checks those websites which are written on that keyword.

Friends, there are many such websites that make you a robot.txt file, you just have to go there and enter the URL of your website, after that your Robot.txt files are created, after coming here you will get that in custom robot.txt. After entering the file, you have to open Enable Custom Robot.txt below.

After selecting all and noodp in home page tags you have to save.

In Archive and search page tags, you have to save after selecting noindex and noodp.

And friends, I also have to save you by selecting all and noodp in post and page tags.

10. Google Search Console

Friends, after this you have to submit your blog to Google Search Console, after that you will get a Google webmaster verification code in html format Meta Tag <meta name=”google-site-verification” content=”VrZ36OvmNo####6678″ ” />

You have to add that code to the source code in the theme of your blog, just below the <head> and save it by adding it to your blog before the </head> where it is closed.

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