Read, edit, delete, and update data using PHP Ready Statement

In this tutorial, I will explain how to read, edit, and delete data from a database using PHP statement. I already told how data is entered in the database using PHP Ready statement.

After submitting the edited form data, the prepared statement is created for the updatequery. The PHP code sets the value to the update query params and executes it using the prepared statement object. After updating the database row, it reads the latest data and populates in the editform fields.

Structure for User Table

Database Connection File(Config.php). Include this file in every page.

Code for read data from database using PHP Prepared Statement(index.php) 

Code for Delete a Record from Database

Put this code at the top of the index.php
Code for edit the data(edit.php). For editing the code first we have to create a html form. After creating HTML form fetch the data from database inside form fields(previous data).

Code for edit the Data. Put this code at the top of the edit.php

Download Source Code(Read, Edit ,Delete and Update data using PHP Prepared Statement)

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